Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New stage

assalamualaikum hari nie genap usia my baby 6 month.. which mean that my baby comes to the new stage of the baby development.. am so happy coz since now i still can handle my baby in a good condition.. today, i brought my baby to clinic. cam biasa la, injection for the 6th month baby. aND I get A LOT OF INFORMATION from the doctor.. start from today, my baby can eat a porridge with vegetable and fish.. cant imagine, qhaliff rizqi dh besar dah..dah leh makan bubur nasi.. balik umah trus have n inpiration to make a porridge.. so good..... here some resepi of porridge.. not exactly this kind of porridge that i cook for my lil QHALIFF Bahan-bahan ( 3-4 org ) 1 1/2 cwn beras (lbh kurang 250gm) 1 1/2 inci halia di ketuk / titik 2 sk serbuk pati ayam / 1 kiub pati ayam 300gm isi ayam / 1/4 ekor ayam sedikit garam 1 liter air * GARNISH * lada merah daun bawang n daun sup sedikit mninyak bijan * AKSESORI TAMBAHAN * ikan bilis n kacang digoreng lada jeruk telur masin (ilham dari My Resepi)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

my lil cute baby (QHALIFF RIZQI MOHD HAMIDI)

ASSALAMUALAIKUM hurm.. it has been long time not updating my blog actually.. it so busy with all everyday routine, with my thesis, and the most important thing was my baby... so excited when become a momy,.. everythings about my baby.. rindu sangat kat blog yang dah tinggal sepi almost 7 month ago.. lama kan.. ksian blog nie... of couse entry kali nie nak cite pasal my baby yang dah almost 5 month.. sangat teruja dengan baby yang cute nie..of course teruja cause this is my first time become a mama.. actually, it so hard to handle a baby but i force my self to take a good care of my baby. i just want to make sure that he got a good care from me.. i learn a lot about taking care of the baby from my mother n mother in law.. now i used to handle my baby with my own self by following my mothers tips... here some of my baby photo