Tuesday, March 9, 2010

how to achieve success in life

Why are there only 5% successful people in the world? Does it mean, that only one person from twenty really achieve success in life? It is not a fable, it is a result of many investigations. Some investigation was conducted by the American Bankers Association. The main goal of the investigation was to study the financial success of the American men based on their working biography. The scientists have found one hundred men at the age of 25 and asked them, if they wanted to reach financial success and achieve the success in life. Almost all of them answered 'Yes'. One or two replied 'No', but these answers were not typical. Only men participated in this investigation because men's efforts have been directed towards the developing a carreer more than women's at that time. And only men have been achieving the success in life. What had happened to the participants for the next fourty years? Maybe nowadays these results would be a little bit different due to the various economic, political, psychological reasons. The results of the investigation were the following: 36 people of these hundred had died not reached an age of 65. Only one person from residuary people had become really reach man, the four could be considered as a financial independent, five - still had been having to work, and the residuary 54 people had been dependent on other family members for support or they had been living on the welfare payment. But America is the reachest country in the world! So if you do the same things as those around you, you have 95 chances from 100 to collapse financially and never achieve the success in a life. It is impossible to live 'as everybody' and hope for the financial success at the same time.
On this website you can find the full image of what are doing these 5% successful people in contrast to others and why just these people achieve success in life.
(sources: http://www.bigsuccessx.com/)

something people don't know

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